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At STTKS, we are passionate about structural design and construction implementation. With our team of talented engineers, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your requirements. Preliminary sketches, fully detailed drawings and calculation reports of structural design for various materials. Services for cost analysis and value engineering. Our expertise extends to seismic assessment, retrofitting of existing structures, and project management. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we support construction companies to deliver economic and safe designs.

Structural engineering consulting

Final design & Shop drawings

Project management of the design

Design of details and joints

Design for the project’s permissions

Cost analysis design

Calculation reports and structural design for reinforced concrete, steel, composite, masonry, timber and aluminum structures according to the Eurocodes ΕΝ1990, ΕΝ1991, ΕΝ1992, ΕΝ1993, ΕΝ1994, ΕΝ1995, ΕΝ1996, ΕΝ1997, ΕΝ1998, ΕΝ1999 and other

Industrial and energy projects. Warehouses, new product lines, steel structures and steel buildings including moving cranes, industrial mezzanines and offices

Residential buildings, offices, commercial buildings and malls. Buildings of reinforced concrete, steel, composite, masonry and timber

Seismic assessment and retrofitting of existing structures

Design for the permission of the authorities

Special structures. Silos, tanks, moving and lifting cranes, pedestrial bridges, special connections design, industrial filters, chimneys, lifting machineries, canopies and others. Special architectural structures, façade of buildings and architectural renovations

Photovoltaics’ base supports. Steel and aluminum bases. Aluminum design of new custom profiles and their connections. One or two axes moving solar bases

Design of new structures, reinforcement of old and existing structures. Seismic assessment, retrofitting and extension of existing projects

Infrastructure, tourism and services structures

Cost analysis design

Direct collaboration with construction companies for economic and safe design

Seismic assessment, retrofitting and renovation according to ΕΝ1998-3. Seismic reinforcement

Check and approval for existing design and calculation reports

Permission edit for existing structures

Preliminary design

As built drawings



Cutting-Edge Structural Design Solutions.

We are passionate about transforming your vision into reality. Our talented engineers are dedicated to providing comprehensive structural design solutions that meet your unique needs and requiremenets. From design support in all phases of your project to reviewing, we ensure your project is beyond the top quality standards. design, project management, architecture, facade, cement production, energy, and industrial projects. Contact us today and let us bring your ideas to life.